• About IKKA

    IKKA於2017年創立於台北,擁有專業服務的團隊, 以嚴謹態度與近乎苛求的品質控管及客戶至上的服務熱誠,代理經銷國內及日本優質工廠等多樣產品,我們將盡力滿足客戶之一切需求。

    敝司於2019年4月正式取得日本UI Vehicle株式會社授權販售日本豐田汽車海獅(Hiace)系列所有相關部品經銷權。我們期望將日本一流的改裝部品帶給喜愛豐田海獅系列的顧客。



    IKKA Business founded in Taipei in 2017, has a professional service team, with a rigorous attitude and almost demanding quality control and customer-oriented service enthusiasm, agent distribution of domestic and Japanese quality factories and other diverse products, we will try our best to meet all the needs of customers.

    In April 2019, our company has officially obtained the authorization of Japan UI Vehicle co., ltd. to sell all relevant parts of Toyota Hiace series. We are looking forward to bringing the best Japanese modified parts to our customers who love Toyota hiace series

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